Dot and the dragon dilemma

Dot and the Dragon Dilemma

Dummy Book

This was my third year illustration project and my submission for the Macmillan Prize 2021.

I got the opportunity to work with the brilliant Norfolk author Louisa Theobald for this dummy book. It follows the tale of princess who FINALLY answers the question:

“What should you do if a BIG SCARY DRAGON ruins your birthday party?

Princess Dot’s adventure is full of crazy characters such as a trembling maid, a very very vain knight and a surprisingly timid, terribly snotty dragon!

Here are some pages from a mini portfolio I created to showcase the book!

Swipe through the 4 finished spreads below to check out any extra details! And if you want to learn even more about the creation of the book you can have a little look behind the curtain by reading my blog post.

Dot and the dragon dilemma blogpost:

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